frequently asked questions

Can I change the design?
We appreciate that every business and site has individual needs, and as such we will make changes to designs to suit. These could include window sizes and positions, internal layout changes or making layouts bigger or even smaller. Minor changes can usually be made to the design without changing the fundamental structure, although sometimes changes become too significant and we will need to re-engineer the structure, so we would try and avoid too many changes.

Detailed Planning Permission
Full planning permission is required before proceeding to Building Warrant Approval. A full application can be made, sometimes referred to as a Reserved Matters Application when following outline consent. Detailed plans, elevations, sections, site and locations plans accompany the application providing enough information to allow the local authority to assess the proposals. Adjoining neighbours need to be notified of the application when this is made. All the above is carried out by our team of specialists on your behalf as part of Stage 1. See details.

Building Warrant Application
A warrant application must be made for erections of new buildings in the UK. The application is made to the relevant local authority and covers items such as wall, roof & floor construction, structure, drainage, insulation and heating. We do this for you, putting your lodge on the appropriate site and making the building warrant application for you. We do all the negotiations with the building standards officers, we organise the Structural Engineers certificate for the whole project, which covers the foundations, exterior beams and lintels and the timber structure, including the roof. Most kit companies only engineer the basic kit for you, leaving you to organise the rest of the structure.

Do I need an Architect or Agent?
We are unique in that we provide the full service in house, using Architects throughout the process. We deal with all parts of the process including planning approval, building warrants and structural engineers.

Do we sell kits only?
We prefer to provide the full service as we feel this gives you continuity of service and as we know the lodge designs intimately, fundamentally a better service. Our costs for the planning stage (stage 1) and building warrant stage (stage 2) are very competitive and you are unlikely to get comparable costs from a Chartered Architect or even a technician. We do understand that sometimes it’s unavoidable that another Architect will carry out the planning and building warrant approvals and as such we will provide kits only. We do charge a small fee to issue suitable drawings, as we don’t include the drawings as part of our kit cost.

What is included in the kit package?
We supply the structural kit, including the wall panels, roof joists, external windows & doors and all necessary framing associated with this. We also supply the insulation for walls and roofs, plasterboard, doors, ironmongery, facings and chipboard flooring. We do not supply any materials for the exterior finish as your contractor can supply this direct. The items excluded include external cladding, blockwork, render, exterior lintels, kitchen fittings, bathroom & plumbing fittings. For a list of the kit items supplied see details. We can though, provide some of the above items as cost extras.

What you need to provide?
Prior to the kit being delivered you need to provide the foundations and concrete floor, ready for the kit to be erected. If you take the full build option from us, we can do this for you or you can organise your own contractor to organise your build. Full detailed construction drawings would be provided by us for your build.

Is anything not included in the fixed professional fees?
We have included for the items that are common on most lodge builds, but certain items can’t be ascertained until the actual site has been established and as such we have not included for some items. We have a range of exterior finishes and don’t normally charge to amend the exterior look of the house design prior to making the planning approval. We have included for designing the foundations on a flat site with normal load bearing ground at the formation level of 600mm below existing ground level. Sites that are sloping, have built up ground or abnormal ground conditions will incur additional design fees, and as always we inform you of the likely costs before proceeding. Drainage connections for foul and surface water differ from site to site and as such we have included for designing drainage only up to the disconnecting manhole at the side of the property. The design for connection to sewers or septic tanks is dependent on site conditions and we can provide you with a quote for this prior to starting or you can appoint your own consultant.